P&M Pharmacy is a full service Retail & Compounding pharmacy.

We accept most major insurances for retail prescriptions:

  • Humana

  • AARP

  • United Healthcare

  • Cigna

  • Medco/Express-Script

  • Caremark

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare and many more

P&M Pharmacy Retail Pharmacy Services

P&M Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy providing retail and compounding services under the same roof. P&M Pharmacy is a family owned, local pharmacy. If you have an insurance, you pay the same price no matter where you go. If you pay out of pocket, we guarantee you the lowest price. We provide the following services:


  • FREE DELIVERY (within 3 mile radius)

  • Retail Prescriptions (easy parking and your prescriptions are filled in 5-10 minutes)

  • Compounded Prescriptions (We customize your medication for you)

  • Medication Therapy Management (Medicine on Time)

  • Therapy Adherence

  • Medication Synchronization ( reduces hospitalization and pharmacy visits)

  • Diabetic Supplies

  • Orthopedic Supplies

  • Ostomy and Urinary Supplies

  • Nebulizers

  • Wound Care Supplies

  • Support Stockings

  • Daily Living Aid

  • Incontinence Supplies

  • Foot Care

  • OTC – (Vitamins, Skincare, Cough and Cold, etc)

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