P&M Pharmacy’s Success Story on Wilson’s Solution Compounding

On July 17, 2017, a young woman walked into P&M Pharmacy with a prescription for Wilson’s Solution. The prescription was dated a week prior. She asked “Do you make this medication?” The moment I saw this prescription, I knew she must have had a terribly tough time finding a pharmacy that is able to make that medication. When I told her I can help her with the medicine, her face filled with joy. She said she had been trying for the past 7 days to find a pharmacy that could help her. She went to Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and various other local pharmacies but no one could help her. This medicine is not available commercially. I requested her to wait one more day so that I could contact her doctor and informed her on how we were going to address this issue. I came up with a special kit for her to take home and taught her how exactly she needs to use it. By doing this, I saved her lots of money and hassle. Finally she got the therapy she was looking for. We have one more happy customer and it is with great joy that we were able to help her with her pharmaceutical needs by thinking outside of the box.

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