Medication Therapy Management - Medicine-on-Time

P&M Pharmacy provides Medicine-on Time system for Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and medication synchronization.

  • Are you using multiple medications?
  • Do you get confused on whether you took your medicine today or not?
  • Do you fill your own pill boxes?
  • Do you make multiple pharmacy trips for your medicines?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, we have a solution for you.

Let the professionals at P&M Pharmacy manage your medications for you.


P&M Pharmacy specializes on Medication Therapy Management. We pack all your medicines, including OTC, in a single cup, which is customized to you with the day, date and time printed. You can’t miss your dose. Nor can you double up the dose. Our Packages are color coded and easy to understand. We guarantee you that it will make your medication therapy very simple and manageable.

Your Dose Cup

The right dose, at the right time

  • Detechable dose cups offer secure and convenient med packaging.
  • Your name is printed on every dose cup for easy identification.
  • A list of contents is included on each cup to ensure accuracy.

Dose Cup


Your Calendar

Organized, color-coded, convenience

I this easy, reliable system, your monthly medications are packaged by time of day into color-coded calendar cards. You can remove single dose cup, or take several with you for added convenience on the go.

Single yellow card back

Your Service

One visit, all your prescriptions

  • Simplify your medication regimen.
  • Eliminate multiple pharmacy trips.
  • Expertly packaged by your pharmacist.
6 color spread for home page

Advantages of our Compliance Packaging (Medicine on Time)



Visit P&M Pharmacy and mention you saw this coupon on website and receive free 3 months of service. Contact us today and try 3 months of professional Medication Management Services.

  • Accurate, manageable medication solution

  • Decreased gaps in medication therapy

  • Fewer hospital visits

  • Reduced nursing home visits

  • Infrequent pharmacy visits

  • Maintained independence

  • Higher levels of care and connection

  • Reduced burden on family and caregivers

  • Improved quality of life

Visit P&M Pharmacy for further details or call 561-660-8650 to start your free service today.

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